The third single to be released to promote the “McCartney II” album, although the B-side was another one of the unreleased recordings from the solo sessions.This was Paul’s ONLY single to be released on 12″ ONLY … and even then at a limited amount of just 25,000, not surpringly it failed to chart … but it’s scarcity makes it his most valuable “normal” release at 25 a copy.The B-side is the longest song Paul has ever officially released at 10 and a half minutes long !The pressing comes with a Silver/black Parlophone label.The “All rights of the manufacturer” message around the edge of the label starts with “EMI Records Ltd.”The label has TWO EMI boxed logos.In the run out groove the A-side has the number “7″, the B-side has a “10″.The single was released in a picture sleeve, with a drawing of Paul by Hipgnosis artist, Jeff Cummins, on the front (with additional “artwork”(?) by Paul, and the B-side photograph (an excellent shot of Paul) was NOT taken by Linda, but was taken by David Thorpe.


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