In 1950 HF. S. Morgan offered his +4 with proper protection from the British weather and a more luxurious ride. The Drop Head Coupé was available as early as 1938 on the 4/4. Up until that point, Morgan had predominantly produced cars which were roadsters or three-wheeled trikes.The Drop Head Coupé (DHC) was a rare variant of the +4 range produced from 1950 to 1968. During this long production, engines for the +4 changed from the 2088cc Vanguard engine to Triumph TR2 and TR3 units. Less than 450 were ordered over the lengthy production run.Small production figures were probably due to the Coupé’s more expensive price that was required due to the extra complexity of the car.When fully erected, the top worked very well with the lines of the body and offered better protection than the roadster. However, the DHC still retained the detachable side windows which was a drawback for its intended market.Unlike the Roadster, the Drop Head Coupé featured a built-up A-panel and fixed front windscreen. Furthermore, full-size doors were fitted and the interior was outfitted typically with burled walnut veneer. Other changes to the body included lack of cut-down doors and a small chrome strip which ran down the side of the car. As such, the DHC was more elegant car than the Roadster.Focused more on elegance and luxury than the +4 Roadster, the DHC perhaps wasn’t luxurious enough to attract new customers nor sporting enough for existing ones. The small production meant this is one of the rarest Morgans and one that might become very desirable in the future.

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