Believe it or not, but this amazing Philco TV is being produced as replica’s today with modern electronics inside.



Posted on 8th October, 2012

Believe it or not… I choose “not.” I contacted the company and received the note below. Obviously they need to update their website to let people know they shouldn’t be wasting their time inquiring about the product they pretend to sell. I also think it’s funny (lame) that they blame a “weak economy” but then clearly state that the parts are no longer available in the very next line.

“Thank you for your interest in Predicta TV. We are not producing Predicta TV at this time—a product of a weak economy and with the advent of HDTV, we can no longer purchase non-HD TV parts to make the units pictured on our website. As a result, what you see on our website is no longer available. We have been asked to develop a HD model, and have started to develop HD Predicta TV with a mid-century design that accommodates and compliments a HD screen; however, at this time, due to factors stated above, as well as our primary machine tool repair business, we are uncertain if we will continue with the protype for HD Predicta TV. Our website will be updated if we decide to sell Predicta HD TV.

Regards, Liz Riedel”

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