(45% Chardonnay, 55% Pinot Noir)

Last week I received 6 bottles from Champagne brand Drappier (Big thanks to Samuel Thomas at Drappier). This vintage 2002 was my favorite! Also the Drappier Champagne Brut Nature Sans Soufre & Carte d”or Drappier 1996 were outstanding experiences! The bubbles are fine and discreet but with huge aromas. Floral and fruity at the same time, the Grande Sendre will surprise you with its finesse and aromatic power with a hint of honey and liquorice. You have to try it!!! Click the link below to purchase their Champagne.

Drappier is a Champagne producer based in the Urville region of Champagne. The house, founded in 1808, produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvee as well as a prestige wines. Drappier is considered one of the finest boutique champagne producers in the world; this is because of their fantastic cellars where they store the wine,which are among the oldest and most extensive in Europe,which also were the only cellars that weren’t damaged during the two world wars, or the fires that raced through the area in the 1950′s. The low amount of sulpher they use in their wine is also the lowest in any champagne, which stands at 0.002%, where as other larger brands, use up to 5%.

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- (Official Site) http://www.champagne-drappier.com

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