Smoking can seriously damage your health, but also your wealth. Treasurer Cigarettes are billed as the world’s most expensive cigarettes at $30 a pack. Styled by British-based Chancellor Tobacco as the Rolls Royce of cigarettes, the Treasurer brand is now available all over the world since its launch in 1999. Treasurer cigarettes are manufactured from a specially selected blend of chemical and additive free pure Virginia Tobaccos, wrapped individually in watermarked paper and hand-packed in stylish aluminum cases of 20, each sealed with the unique hologram tear tape to guarantee authenticity. The Treasurer cigarettes come in 4 variants: Treasurer Black, Treasurer Gold, Treasurer Silver, and Treasurer Luxury White. Treasurer ‘Black’ cigarettes have a matt gold base tipping paper with a gold hot foil band, packed in a black aluminum case. Treasurer ‘Gold’ cigarettes have gold foil tips and a gold aluminum case, whereby Treasurer ‘Silver’ cigarettes have silver foil tips and a silver aluminum case. The Treasurer ‘Luxury White’ cigarettes have a white foil tip and a white carton box case. Chancellor Tobacco will suit some smokers for its styled packaging and exclusivity, but what about its quality additive free pure tobacco?BTW. I quit smoking – but I enjoy people smoking looking cool:-)

- Chancellor Tobbaco

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